Au pairs: year-round childcare that’s affordable -save $525 now

If you’ve looked at the cost of summer camp these days, you know that having an au pair offers way more value. Most summer camps are three to six hours a day and cost on average $350 per week per child — at least in Southern California. With an au pair, you can receive up to 10 hours per day of childcare, and that $350 prices stays the same, even if you have 2, 3 or 4 kids. Your kids can go to the beach, enjoy craft hour at library in the comfort of their home. And if you apply this weekend, your family can begin matching at not cost — and save an additional $450 savings. That’s right. If you apply this weekend, you save $525 total!

Benefits of Hosting an Au Pair:
* Childcare coverage for 45 hours a week up to 10 hours a day

* Splits shifts  are A-OK – have your au pair work before and after school

* Weeknight and date-night help made easy – they live in

* Au pairs handle kid’s meals, laundry and clean up

* Program regulated by US State Department for 20 years

* Teach your kids a new language and culture

* They drive – so lessons, play dates and games are no problem!

* Sick days are no problem! They live-in!

Best of all, the experience is a cultural exchange for the whole family. For information on how to take advantage of this amazing offer, call Tracy Cota, Local Childcare Coordinator – Cultural Care Au Pair – 310-283-3521.

Sunday, 22 May 2011 6:07 AM


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